April 20, 2014

Dedicated Server is Expensive, but Profitable than Virtual Server

There are several possibilities for host a website or online projects, including shared hosting and dedicated server. Of course, dedicated server option is very much expensive virtual hosting, but for serious projects its undeniable advantages and potential yield considerably higher profit earning way.

The most important benefit for dedicated server is that it gives Dedicated IP address for the hosting or website, which ultimately helps the search engines to boost it and helps in earning higher profit. Virtual Servers and shared hosting doesn't give the option for Dedicated IP but it can be availed by paying some extra amount on monthly basis.

Another most important thing is that when you rent a server to a client, it is allocated on a physical machine, and it has full control. He is responsible for the stability and reliability, while in the case of the virtual server is forced to rely entirely on the quality of service provided by unknown administrators. Which are also preoccupied with many other users commonly known as shared hosting.

On a dedicated server, you can set exactly the software that really need it, means you can install what you like for example firewall and antivirus for extra securities. Virtual server immediately offered a specific set of tools, and can be difficult to add something.

Most importantly, when you rent a dedicated server for your applications you have ease of mind that you do not have to compete for resources with other applications users using the same hosting. All capacities are available at your disposal for which what the money is exactly paid for.

You can host your own websites, projects and also websites of your clients which you maintain without paying separately for each domain. Which obviously help you earn more revenue from your clients as well.

Ultimately, dedicated server, although initially is more expensive, would be more profitable than the virtual server. People will not go away with your project due to the low speed of the site. In case of any problems, you can always determine what it is, being sure that it is not caused by the actions of unknown administrator or other clients hosting provider. Simply it will be a reliable operation of the site - a pledge of loyalty.

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