August 30, 2013

Date Announced for Sales of iPhone 5S Golden Color

The new smartphone from Apple will be in a golden case in Japan 10 days after the presentation of the new devices in the U.S.
Home sales of smartphones iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C is scheduled for September 20 in Japan. It is Reported by CNet, with reference to the Japanese Nikkei Publication.
In addition to the Usual Black and White Models will be offered with the new model is a touch of "Champagne gold."
It is expected That Will be A smartphone equipped with the New Upgraded processor and Camera, and A Fingerprint scanner Integrated into the Home Button. As you know, the New iPhone 5 was in Distributed Several stages. The first unit began selling in nine Countries: Australia, USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. According to unofficial sources, the Flagship iPhone 5S and Fiscal iPhone 5C officially will be sold in Ukraine.
Named the date of commencement of sales of iPhone 5S champagne color - media

Screenshot from Youtube
Let us remind you that the expected date of Launch of the New iPhone is Scheduled for September 10. Roughly Apple Will Introduce two versions of the smartphone at once: an expensive and Budget. Rival Apple - Korean company Samsung Electronics  is planning His Presentation  on September 4.It is expected the company That Will Show the Galaxy Note - A hybrid of A Tablet Computer and smartphone, Which has Received the General name of "fablet" as well as "smart" Watches Galaxy Gear.
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