CryEngine 3 Announcement for Console Xbox One Microsoft


Employees of the company Crytek said that the engine CryEngine 3 is compatible with the new console Xbox One of Microsoft. The company has already obtained a license for the provision of tools for developers of Xbox One. This means that all those who want to license the CryEngine 3 to create their games will not have any problems with the programming for the new platform.

“We are told that the CryEngine 3 is ready for the next generation platforms a few years ago and recently confirmed his words. While developers are making new games for Xbox One, our technology and support will ensure that users will have tools at the forefront of the industry now and in the future, “- said Carl Jones (Carl Jones), director of business development studio Crytek .

For today for Xbox One officially announced the 15 games, but on the CryEngine 3 “on board” at least one of them does not say anything. For the current generation of games, the engine can be seen in Homefront 2, Ryse and Shadow of the Eternals.