September 29, 2013

How to Create TouchScreen (SAW Screens)

The rapid development of modern technology touchscreen display (The Touchscreen) has led to the fact that to create them involved a huge number of different physical processes and principles.

For example, Capacitive touch panels owe their jobs to the fact that the human body has the properties to conduct an electric current, Resistive same work by the physical deformation of the upper, the flexible layer; inductive same react to electromagnetic resonance processes. It is also worth mentioning another technology which, despite its effective work, rarely used in the industry - a system of surface acoustic waves, or as they are called Surfactants.


In fact, this technology is best manifested itself in the stalls with information goods, payment terminals, video game systems and other devices that are used in public places, sometimes - like touch-screen monitor for cash. Usually we come across ATM's with this mechanism for withdrawing money. Of course, the main reason for such popularity in this field has been the lack of conductive or resistive coating that allowed to install vandal-proof glass is thick and thin. As the results of some tests, such glasses and, of course, the screens can withstand drops a large metallic object with one and a half meters. Actually, due to the same features, SAW displays have excellent translucent, and it does not degrade the characteristics of the device showing. Besides, the technology used in the systems surface acoustic waves, eliminates the need for touch-panels: SAW sensor systems and related controllers can be installed in very liquid crystal display (LCD).

Now there is also a technology evolved in this phase know as LED. A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor light source. LEDs are used as indicator lamps in many devices and are increasingly used for general lighting (Credit WikiPedia)

So what is this Touchscreen Technology?

Touch screens made ​​using SAW technology are an interconnected piezoelectric transducers located at the corners of the screen. A couple of them are working and receiving reflective sensors that are located at the edges. By the way, sometimes the button to call the waiter cafe is performed using such a system.

How to Create TouchScreen

How to make TouchScreen

Special microcontroller generates electrical high frequency signals, and sends them to the piezoelectric transducers, also known as PET. Those, in turn, converts the signals into those same surface acoustic wave. Further, reflecting the sensors on the team represent them, and the waves come to take special sensor devices, which are again sent to the probe. Thereafter, the probe reverses the acoustic wave into an electric signal. In fact, during all these long transformation of the SAW-screen displays original grid reflected and reflected signals.

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