Comodo cCloud Free 10GB Online Secure Storage and Backup


Everyone want to have cloud storage system, because its extremely fast, secure data and provides backup. Cloud storage is very beneficial because it can be access from anywhere where you have internet connection. Recently Mail.RU started a 100GB free cloud storage.

Lets check what Comodo Company is offering on their website. The content is copied as it is from their official website exactly. So the Copyrights remain with Comodo.

Why choose cCloud?

Because we value your data

The world’s easiest online storage solution

cCloud features an intuitive interface that takes users through the download, installation and first-backup process in 5 minutes or less. You just need to install the client, configure your backup settings and your data is copied over an encrypted SSL connection into Comodo’s secure server infrastructure.

Secure storage, secure transmission

Your data is encrypted before it leaves your computer using the industry’s strongest algorithms and then transferred to our servers over an encrypted SSL connection. Furthermore, stringent password protection ensures your data cannot be viewed, modified or retrieved by anybody but authorized personnel.

cDrive works just like a local drive

You can access play music, view photos, edit documents and others directly from the cloud like you would from a local drive – from anywhere in the world. Get cDrive

Immediate availability of your data

Retrieve the files you need, when you need them, from any Internet connected computer in the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

So many ways to get to your data

cCloud lets you access your online data the way you like. You can:

  • use the drop zone to quickly add files
  • sync your cCloud folder with the cloud
  • use cDrive in explorer to view and add, remove or open files exactly as you would with a local drive
  • access your files via a web browser using our web interface
  • install Comodo BackUp application free of charge to gain access to additional functionality such as scheduling, pre-set backup profiles, command line interface and more.

No matter how you like to work, cCloud has a solution designed just for you.

Comodo cCloud is offering different services in different packages that includes free as well as paid personal package and free as well as paid business package.

Free 10GB Storage from cCloud Comodo


Complete details of Online Storage and download links are:

Personal cCloud Storage Package

Choose this option if you are using cCloud to access your data anytime and anywhere

Unlimited traffic, files and folders!

Business cCloud Storage Package

Share files and folders with your business collaborators with different levels of access.

Unlimited users, traffic, files and folders!