May 7, 2014

Chrome 25: Focus on Real-Time Communication and Voice Recognition

Google has just released the latest version of its browser. Its main evolution? The management of voice recognition to the key with the introduction of a new API.

Chrome 25: focus on real-time communication and voice recognition

Just launched by Google , Chrome version 25 introduces support for voice recognition. A feature that is present in the form of a new interface (JavaScript), called Web Speech API. Developers can use to integrate this option in their websites and web applications. Proposed on Android for several months, and voice recognition comes on the Google browser.

Already in its beta version, Chrome 25 also includes support Web RTC protocol designed to handle direct communications audio / video between browsers require a plugin. Technology that also supported by Mozilla, Firefox and integrated.

Side web standards, new Chrome 25 are numerous. Program: better support for object input type date, WebGL errors, but also support for CSS and CSS3 Flexible Box Filters, as well as units of viewpoints VW, VH and VMIN - which can be very useful for responsive design.

Download Chrome 25

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