February 22, 2014

How to Choose the Right UnInterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Finding the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is always considered to be a great investment for delicate and expensive electronic things, which may get disturb in case of electricity failure.

If you are that user whose computer or stored information has ever been damaged by a power surge, a partial power loss or other malfunction in the electrical network are well aware how valuable acquisition can be properly selected UPS. Specially people face alot of problems like this one in Asian countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh etc. If you ever lose any unsaved files in the work on which you have invested a lot of time forces you to get (UPS) uninterruptible power supply for you is very obvious. The fact that low-cost power supply unit installed on most computers are capable of offering protection against serious faults in the electrical network. Therefore, the optimal choice in this case we can assume it is UPS.

Carefully consider your electricity needs. Each UPS has a rating issued by the maximum power, which is expressed in watts or volt-amps, and the time during which it is able to provide an independent power supply. So the first thing you need to determine how many uses your computer, monitor, and other components, which is important to have uninterrupted power source. Of course, it is worth considering that in case of a blackout in your home, you first need to save the files that you worked on and shut down your computer properly, so most of the peripherals you are unlikely to need.

Think about how many outlets you need. Many uninterruptible power supply outputs have several outlets or by providing protection to all of them, as well as independent power supply to some of them. If any part of your hardware is not yet connected to a surge protector, it is highly recommended to connect it to the protected into the UPS.

UPS also provide some protection for telephone and DSL- lines. There is a separate slot from the power socket DSL-modem, in which you need to connect a telephone or DSL-line directly to the UPS, and then the modem jack "Line In" or similar on the UPS. Due to the fact that the telephone and DSL-lines also have surge protection, then let these lines through the UPS is a sensible precaution.

Many UPS connected to the computer, provide some ability to control the UPS. To do this, in most cases used interface USB , and in some cases Ethernet or serial bus. If you like the idea of having some control over the UPS (administration tools), make sure that the model you choose has these interfaces and proper drivers are installed in that case.

UPS management function normally equipped with relevant software. Sometimes it uses a built-in UPS web interface, for which you'll need to run a web browser. Special software will always give you information about the state of the electrical circuits and batteries and UPS, as well as to report any problems with the power supply. In addition, you will be able to set up automatic shutdown PC with expenditure of batteries. This is especially useful if you have a habit of leaving the house, leave the computer in Sleep mode. If this type of control over the functions of the UPS is right for you, make sure that your selected model comes with a special software.

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