June 19, 2016

How to Choose the Right Web Host for Your Website or Blog

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting provides services that connect your website to the internet. These services enable any organization or a person who desires to put his/her website or even a web page on the internet. Web hosting services also provide the viewing facilities of websites. These services aid the provision of separate storage, and they are stored on servers.


Plenty of web hosting companies are available these days. Because of this diversity how to decide that too with which company one should proceed ahead?

Before heading toward the details and analyze that whether your web hosting company is doing its job well it is essential to know the primary forms of web hosting.

Types of Web Hosting Plans

  • Reasonable plans

A variety of reasonable options are available these days for web hosting. For example, HostGator per month is available only at $3.96 for the three-year package. However, this plan has some limited features. Like it has provision for only a single domain, limited bandwidth, and limited data storage capability.

Best suited

This package will facilitate the beginners. Whose chief motive is not to grab the traffic and neither have they had specific needs for their websites.

  • Dedicated servers

These are also termed as managed servers. In this hosting service, the server is not shared among the clients. It is dedicated solely to a particular organization.

Best suited

When the webmasters needs go beyond the individual plans, they should move to dedicated servers. When webmasters needs cannot be fulfilled via single plans then up gradation to dedicated servers is the right choice.

As such plans have more features so they will cost you much, usually than the individual plans. If your primary concern it to outgrow your audience then you must consider this plan.

  • Reseller accounts

This option is somewhere between the individual plans and dedicated servers. Within a single account, the client can have multiple individual plans. Their overall cost is between $10 and $20 per month.

Best suited

This plan is intended for the webmasters that run multiple small websites.

Which of the hosting plan will be best suited for you?   

Now that we have become aware of what are the various types of a web hosting service so now let us look which of the hosting plan should be chosen?

  • Do not compromise on cost

Though cost is an important measure, relaying entirely on free hosting services is not the right choice. The reason is that they may not be well renowned, lack the required reliability and authenticity, and they may have some hidden flaws behind their low costs.

  • Customers Reviews

No matter what your business is by the end of the day your success depends on your customers’ satisfaction. Customers’ reviews are the great asset. You should not just stick to few of the customers’ reviews. Rather you should search for all the recent and old customers as well. The reason being is that if you are getting few positive comments, then it is quite possible that they are coming from within your company.

Best suited

For this purpose, HostGator provides Bluehost and 1 to 1. Both of these services keep the record of positive feedback and recommendations from clients.

  • Customers support

No matter how professional webmaster you are? Alternatively, a mere beginner in this field you have to provide customers support. To serve the purpose properly, the dedicated team should be elected. None of the things are guaranteed to run smoothly. In the case of any problem the presence of customers, support will bring good to you. Moreover, you will be saved from the possible loss.

Companies that tend to provide 24/7 online help; email facility and chat tend to have an edge over the rest. Before heading toward any of the hosting plans, one should make him/her clear about all these details.

  • Bandwidth and storage limitations

Many of the hosting plans offer you unlimited bandwidth and storage. Though this is not the prime concern, however, you should be clearly aware of these limitations. So you can manage things accordingly.

  • Script support

Another feature that is worth having a look is the support for the built-in script that your web hosting service is providing you. Different hosting plans aid you with the provision of different scripts. You need to choose the plan that meets your needs efficiently.

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