August 2, 2014

How to choose eyeglass / sunglasses for your face

Choosing sunglasses in the first place, we must be guided not only the principle of "fashionably unfashionable", and choose the accessory that blends perfectly with your face shape. Only in this way will you decorate glasses, helping to create a complete image.

In this article we want to give you tips how to choose eyeglass frames, which would combine with the shape of the face. This issue is particularly important for people who can not distinguish on the rim too much money.

Selection frame eyeglass / sunglasses for your face

  • The oval shape is considered as the most ideal and proportional. Choose: rim glasses with any but the most winning are rectangular frames, "butterfly" or "cat's eye".
  • Round face - this is the line of the circle with full cheeks and a rounded chin. Choose: rectangular and square glasses, focusing on a wide bow.
  • Square shape - square forehead and chin, protruding cheekbones. Choose: round, oval shaped sunglasses - aviators, "cat's eye".
  • The triangular shape - broad forehead, tapering gradually to the chin. Choose: Points "butterfly" or "cat's eye".
  • Long face - angular lines of the oval face length exceeds its width. Choose: rectangular, oval or square frames, sunglasses - aviators.
  • Rectangular face - most often long face with a square chin. Choose: square rim.
  • Diamond-shaped face - high cheekbones with a narrow chin. Select - Sunglasses - Aviator, "butterfly" or "cat's eye" and other curved shapes.
  • Inverted triangle shape - a narrow forehead and expanding the lower part. Choose: geometric frames, sunglasses - aviators and "cat's eye".

Taking advantage of our recommendations, you'll look great even in very expensive glasses. Not for nothing do they say that the most important is "the sense of taste!"

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