Chinese hackers attacked the Australian intelligence


Chinese hackers stole some secret information from the new Australian Intelligence Agency, whose headquarters are now being built in the capital city of Canberra. This information spread publicly, as the Australian Government came under public pressure.

Chinese hackers attacked the Australian intelligence

The chinese hackers successfully took the detailed plans for the construction of the building, and according to some sources, the information had been stolen from the servers of the contractor Australian scouts.

Cybersecurity experts from the Australian National University said that in the future these details headquarters, can be used to host eavesdropping ( the act of secretly listening to the private conversation of others without their consent) equipment.

It is worth to be noted that, the technical director of anti-virus company Trend Micro Raimund Genes, fears that business due to frequent attacks, state-sponsored, in reality will fade with the scale of theft committed by hackers from Russia and the CIS countries . The vast majority of individual users and small and medium-sized businesses should not be afraid, but hackers from Russia and the CIS countries are worth trying for the same.

Source: Liga.Net