December 8, 2015

Chinese Authorities have Completely Blocked Wikipedia

The Chinese government restricted access to the entire Wikipedia, said on Tuesday, December 8, according to Business Insider. Previously China blocked only the some informations about Chinese Government on Wikipedia, but now they have completely blocked the access of Wikipedia again.

The reason (via Pixels Tech) was that Wikipedia has moved to a secure protocol, HTTPS, in connection with what has become a complex filtering articles "Great Chinese Firewall known as Golden Shield Project" - a system of online censorship imposed by the Chinese authorities.

On possible future locks in China said and co-founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, speaking at the summit Leadership Energy Summit Asia in September 2015: "They are no longer able to filter specific pages of our site. Therefore, they will have to choose - to use Wikipedia in full or not to use at all. "

First lock by the Chinese government's most popular online encyclopedia was held in June 2004, during the protests in Tiananmen Square. Site was not available for 19 days. This was followed by blockage in September 2004 and October 2005. Over the next few years, the ban was lifted for certain items on the resource.

In November 2015 raised the issue of blocking of Wikipedia in Russian. Roskomnadzor warned about the future of limited resources if the administration of the site is not edits four articles about drugs in accordance with the Russian legislation. At the moment, the corrected versions of the pages sent to the Federal Service for Drug Control Russia for verification.

The text was published in the official accounts of Roskomnadzor in social networks:

The decision came Roskomnadzor Chernojarsky District Court of Astrakhan region on 06/25/2015 banning the spread on the territory of Russia information on how to prepare narcotic-containing substances, placed on the page Russian version of the Internet resource Wikipedia.

The representatives of the encyclopedia said in response that the article about the drug hemp "charas" is based on open and publicly available materials, in particular, taken from the report of the United Nations.

In addition, the function of the portal is to inform and educate people on the planet, which means to hide information from them is impossible. Experienced people have met and changed the text of the article so as to comply with the law.

Article on Narcotic Drugs "charas" contained at the moment in Wikipedia, according to the expert opinion of Federal Drug Control Service of Russia, does not violate the law. This in the decision Court reference is excluded from the Unified Register of prohibited information.

Starting the transition to the secure HTTPS protocol by Wikipedia was announced in June 2015.

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