July 13, 2013

China will Lift the Ban on Video Game Consoles

The ban on the sale of video game consoles in China was introduced 13 years ago. The Chinese authorities have practically decided on lifting the ban on the sale of video game consoles in the country - according to local media reports. The Ministry of Culture of China has already started discussions on the possible lifting of the ban on the sale of gaming consoles.

Game consoles can be sold only after they get permission from the Ministry of Culture of China, whose officials will have to make sure that the game is not anything that could badly influence on the younger generation of Chinese.

Before the Ministry of Culture will have two main objectives: First, do not miss the game with excessive levels of violence, and second, to veto all the games that somehow suggest a shadow on the Chinese way of life, the ruling party of China and important for Chinese people value .

China's ban on the sale of video game consoles was introduced 13 years ago, as the authorities feared that the console could harm the development of young people. Now there is a resolution on the console only as part of a comprehensive program for the development of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. Accordingly, manufacturers wishing to sell the console in China should be a greater benefit as the China population is very high and possibilities of sales are way higher.

Nearly 13 years "black markets for gaming consoles" were working in China, where anyone can buy and sell games and consoles.

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