August 27, 2013

China Undergone Most Powerful DDOS-Attack In Its History

Several thousands of websites registered in the national Chinese domain (CN), underwent a large-scale and the most powerful DDoS-attack on Sunday, August 25 2013. This is according to The Wall Street Journal.

Attack, which the Chinese Government calls the largest in the history of the country, began on Sunday at two in the morning Beijing time. At four o'clock in the morning the first wave of attack followed by a second, even more powerful. As a result, a significant part of the Chinese Internet was not available to the users.

According to the information center of China Internet Network, they managed to reverse the effects of most powerful DDoS-attacks and fully restore access to Internet resources only by the morning of August 26.

Matthew Prince (Matthew Prince), CEO of CloudFlare, specializing in protecting online resources from DDOS-attacks, said the attack on the Chinese domain caused a fall in total internet traffic in the country by 32 percent.

In China, they are running one of the most complex systems of Internet filtering, which, however, does not make the Chinese segment of the network immune from such attacks. China itself is regularly featured in numerous reports as one of the major countries in respect to "sources of DDOS-attacks", however this time China Websites were the victim of such hacking attempts. According to internet resources, China accounts for between 38 and 55 percent of all committed DDOS-attacks in the world.

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