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CES 2014: Interesting Displays on Haier and TCL Stands

CES 2014: Interesting Displays on Haier and TCL Stands

by Naveed A LodhiJanuary 12, 2014

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2014, this year are a lot of high-resolution displays Ultra HD (4K) and wide screen. Such devices have demonstrated the company Toshiba, Samsung, Sony and others. Chinese manufacturers TCL and Haier have also decided to show their developments. This is a best time in CES 2014 to show what the company has prepared or intend to prepare in future for its consumers.

One of the most interesting exhibits is a 55-inch OLED-TV company TCL. Most likely, TCL itself is not involved in the release panel, and is entrusted the South Korean LG Display. This TV is characterized by a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

I must say, curved displays are becoming a modern trend. Moreover, for the large panels is not unusual, then the emergence of smartphones with such panels is just beginning.

But Haier has gone further and introduced a 55-inch TV with a curved OLED-panel.

In addition, they showed an Ultra HD-panel with a wide color gamut. Exhibit simply called “High Color Gamut Ultra HD”. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not specify the model specification. Apparently, it is assumed that the audience will see the difference in comparison with conventional displays.

Finally 85-inch UHD-TV support 3D is also worthy to be mentioned with such an impressive size for a Television.

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