January 6, 2014

CES 2014: Fitness Tracker FootLogger Insoles for Shoes

While most monitor manufacturers engaged in physical activity release devices in the form of bracelets, firm 3L Labs has developed a fitness trackers as shoe insoles.

Represented by a triaxial accelerometer product contains eight pressure sensors in different parts, battery and microcontroller. The battery life is 24 hours.

The system works as follows. Inserting insoles, say, running shoes, the user is engaged in their daily chores, workouts and exercise. At the same time information on all movements and steps taken is recorded in the internal memory. Returning home, the user puts shoes on special station ShoeStation. It wirelessly charge the batteries directly through the sole at a distance of up to 50 mm. In parallel there is data retrieval from memory insoles through Bluetooth. The resulting information is then through the Internet connection is sent to a remote server, where it is processed and analyzed. The user receives detailed statistics through the app on your smartphone.

"Smart" insole provide far more opportunities than to estimate the number of steps and calories burned. Thanks to numerous pressure sensors, for example, athletes can analyze and improve running technique, or a brisk walk. Doctors will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of the rehabilitation of patients after trauma and complex operations, as well as to predict the possible development of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Finally, the new product can be used in the field of digital entertainment.

FootLogger insoles will be demonstrated at the upcoming CES 2014, but the timing of their appearance in the sale have not been reported.

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