January 3, 2014

BlackBerry Outlined the Main Points of Growth

BlackBerry was once one of the leaders of the smartphone market, and now the company is forced to struggle with huge losses. But Canadian manufacturer early to dismiss, as reported by its CEO John Chen.

The site appeared CNBC comments current CEO BlackBerry, the meaning of which is to ensure that the company has great potential, in spite of all the problems faced. They are not loosing hopes to be in market again.



"Over the past months we have done a lot of work and now look forward to a long-term growth. We cheered, we have on hand is a $3 billion, proven technology, network and platform. Today, our company is strong financially and technologically, and is in perfect condition for future growth." - said John Chen.

According to a top manager, reorganized BlackBerry will work in four areas:

1. Corporate services

2. BlackBerry Messenger

3. QNX Platform

4. Smartphone and Mobile Devices

Thus, Mr. Chen has denied rumors of a possible departure from the vendor's mobile phone market.



BlackBerry has recently entered into a five-year agreement with Foxconn regarding the production of smartphones. Due to partner Canadian manufacturer hopes to reduce the cost and time for new products, as well as to focus on "That BlackBerry does best - stunning design, world-class security, software development and management of corporate mobile devices (Mobile Device Management, MDM)".

CEO said that his company only has a certificate of Authority to Operate, allowing employees to use consumer smartphones for U.S. defense officials. "All the authorities of the Group of Seven are our customers" - said John Chen.



BlackBerry also will count on its own messenger, who is not yet a source of high income, but after attracting users iOS-and Android-Gadget (now their number exceeds 40 million) project should be consistently profitable in the coming years, said the head of the company.

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