April 20, 2014

BlackBerry Messenger 7 With Voice Features

Research In Motion (RIM) has launched the latest version of BlackBerry Messenger is version to-7. In this version, the RIM adding BBM Voice superior features, where each BlackBerry users can make calls for free. use of fuel should be required voice over WiFi networks to connect with friends on BBM contacts. Furthermore, you can also set the Voice BBM status whether it is offline or online. addition to the features that brought the fuel Voice BBM version 7, RIM also added a variant of chat emoticon. There are 17 new emoticons that you can use to enliven the thrill chat with BBM. Yang exciting 7 is integrated with BBM BlackBerry ID, so you no longer need to fear losing contact when changing BlackBerry phones, simply log-in with your BlackBerry ID all your contacts will too restored in fuel 7. Wait what? Immediately upgrade your BBM via BlackBerry App World.

Black Berry 7 Voice Features

BlackBerry OS 6 only, for now

This latest update for BlackBerry Messenger will only be compatible with smartphones running BlackBerry OS 6 for the time being. RIM is planning to add support for BlackBerry OS 5 next year, and is also expected to include the feature in BlackBerry 10 when it finally arrives. The good news is anyone currently using a device with BlackBerry OS 6 that upgrades to a BB10 smartphone won't have much difficulty transferring contacts.
An additional feature of BBM 7 is the welcome ability to link all contacts and groups to a specific BlackBerry ID, where it can be accessed on whatever device that ID logs into.
There are also 17 new emoticons being added with this update (insert smiley face), as well as better upgrade notifications which will be delivered straight from the app itself.
The BBM 7 update started rolling out, and should be available to everyone within the next 24 hours.

Credits: techradar
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