August 11, 2013

BlackBerry Can Go Into Private Hands

Smartphone manufacturer BlackBerry Ltd is gradually becoming more receptive to the idea of ​​leaving the stock market. This was reported by Reuters several sources close to the situation. BlackBerry recently introduced BlackBerry 10 in order to minimize the losses from such a downfall in BlackBerry market.

The idea that the purchase of securities traded freely BlackBerry can give space to solve the company's problems, it becomes more attractive to CEO Thorsten Hines and the board of directors. "The tone of the board has changed," - said one of the sources.

However, in the near future the company has no plans to conduct any transactions that have not begun the process of preparing the company for sale, sources say. Even in the case of such an attempt for BlackBerry, carrier loss and losing customers, it would be hard to find a buyer and funding for the withdrawal from the market.

The company's shares have fallen this year, more than 19%, while the market capitalization - to $ 4.8 billion achieved in the 2008 with the highest of $ 84 billion. Such a fall in shares can make the company go upside down, but for such a big company is hard to give away its market. It will do its best efforts to get on the revenue track as soon as possible.

BlackBerry, which sets the revitalization of its business with a new line of smartphones BlackBerry 10, declined to comment.

BlackBerry can go into private hands

Photo: EPA

BlackBerry broadness to the idea of ​​leaving the market indicates a radical change in the thinking of the firm's management, after once one of the former leaders of the smartphone market believes so. Until recently, BlackBerry, formerly known as Research in Motion, has been committed to the preservation of the current status and the output of the decline due to new phone models.

Pressure on the company is increasing day by day. Sales of BlackBerry 10 were well below expectations of some analysts, prompting the question of whether the company in the near future to regain market share from Android Smartphones, Apple Inc devices and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd.

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