April 23, 2014

BlackBerry 10 Interface Leaked

Less than two months away, Research in Motion (RIM) will launch its flagship BlackBerry 10 interface platform. An invitation has also been deployed for the event started in six cities across the world. terms of hardware, will be available two smartphone models, which entirely touch screen based, and another one that has a QWERTY keyboard. terms of software, such as whether the operating system BlackBerry 10 who made the challenger's Android and iOS? Vietnamese language site saved approximately Tihnte released screenshots showing the home screen screen BlackBerry 10 following the notification system and a display of some major applications, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare on the OS. One of the most interesting is a picture of BlackBerry 10 Hub which is a Message Center that integrates e-mail, instant messaging, SMS, and social media applications in one place. From one image even appears that RIM seems to have developed a personal assistant apps (like Siri?) that can be used to enter a voice command input device. following picture BlackBerry screenshot images-10, as reported by BGR from Tihnte. Viewed from a rectangular shape, it seems a series of images are taken from the full-touchscreen Blackberry devices. Can not wait for Blackberry 10.

Screenshots of BlackBerry 10 Interface

Black Berry 10 Interface Leaked - Eightfire

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