March 29, 2017

Black Garlic - Health Benefits And Production Process

black garlic - black garlic imageBlack garlic? By reading this name the point suddenly clicks our mind that: Why is the term “black” used for this? While of course, how does the normal garlic become somewhat so different? The ordinary garlic bulbs are kept for few 5 to 6 weeks in the humid environment at suitably low temperature. This process produces such compounds which give ordinary garlic its darker color and sharpness. These circumstances also enable the Maillard reaction. This is the chemical process which develops a wild flavor due to its resultant compounds. These compounds are responsible for the profound flavor of baked meat and toasted onions.

How to Make Black Garlic?

Every expert chef uses the same secret technique to prepare this worthy garlic. While the secret lies behind the rice cooker. A quite warm setting in the cooker creates the ideal environment for color transformation. This is the conversion of the bulbs of garlic into blackish gold color.

As the black garlic is prepared by the process of fermentation. For this purpose, you can have a fermenting box and place garlic bulbs into it. Set this box at 130 °F. Leave this for 7 days or until good goodish black color. But if you don't have that fermenter, then no problem, you can use a simple rice cooker. Place the garlic bulbs in the rice cooker and on medium heat leave it for 9 days or until goodish black color. Your black garlic is ready. It got a really amazing taste. So, now you have the secret trick to make this super vegetable. Now you can also make this black garlic at your home to get the maximum out of it.

How to Use The Black Garlic?

  • Use the black garlic cloves in your meal in the same way as you use roasted garlic. You can sauté them with oil or butter. Then smear the pieces or the paste on gravy or other food. You can also add it into dressings. Moreover, you can rub it over the fish or chicken before roasting. Or add it into the garlic bread.
  • The powdered form of black garlic observed to be like umami fairy dust. You can sprinkle it over any foodstuff for which you want some depth and earthiness. This can be added in soups.

Other than its white counterpart, the black garlic is not considered to be well known enough. But this black garlic is now enjoying an increase in its reputation. Its fame is growing in the alternative medicine field as well as in gastronomic circles. There is still a question that from where this black garlic comes from? What is its main origin? And finally why it is used for? All answers stand in following lines.

The black garlic was introduced by Koreans, about five years ago, to the food and health markets. The ordinary garlic becomes "black" by the process of fermentation. This is done for about a month. The ordinary garlic was set under strictly controlled conditions of humidity and heat. Its health benefits are being introduced by herbal medicine practitioners. We have done a massive research to get the following data for you. Here are mentioned the most appealing health benefits of black garlic which made this as a “super food”.

Cholesterol Reduction:

The fermentation process for about one month is required for the production of black garlic. A natural compound in it is named as S-allylcysteine. It is the amino acid derivative of cysteine. This is the most useful compound which is responsible for various health benefits the garlic offers. This active ingredient is found in quite greater proportion in black garlic. This compound is especially known for the promising reduction of cholesterol naturally in the body. Many herbalists recommend the intake of black garlic paste daily. This is to reduce the successive amount of cholesterol.

Cancer Protection:

The fermentation process contributes to create a sort of super garlic. This black garlic composed of a huge amount of active antioxidants. They prevent the harmful oxidation in the cells of the body. Cancer is the over-production of cells in the body. This over-production of cells is chiefly contributed through the free radicals produced by oxidation in the body. The major function of these antioxidants is to scavenge free radicals. As these free radicals promote the overproduction of cells. This is ultimately called as “cancer”. Hence by reducing these free radicals, one can prevent from this deadly disease.

Protection from various Infections:

Black garlic contains antifungal and antimicrobial agents. These are linked within its active ingredient known as allicin. The S-allylcysteine help in the absorption of allicin. Thus it assists it to be metabolized effortlessly. This process of ultimate boosting of antifungal and antimicrobial agents offer heightened defense against infections.

Black Garlic for Lowering Blood Pressure:

Black garlic serves as a magical ingredient for the normalization of high blood pressure. This remedy is been prescribed via various nutritionists to lower the high blood pressure. In an American study, its blood pressure controlling effect is reported. The intake of 5g of black garlic powder with honey can effectively treat the high blood pressure. But this amount is to be taken daily for 1 month in morning.

Cures Diabetes:

The ordinary garlic powder is also being used from decades to naturally cure diabetes. For this, the black garlic decoction is prepared with water. The patient is prescribed to drink one cup of this decoction daily. This is to be done for a week to see the noteworthy cure for garlic - black garlic image

Quick Action than that of Ordinary garlic:

Now the scientists found a new theory regarding black garlic. According to latest studies, the black garlic is found to be more effective. This is more significant in the treatment of diseases as compared to the ordinary garlic. By way of, the black garlic is produced through the process of fermentation. While the fermentation is believed to be the process which further reduces complex compounds into simpler ones. Thus these simpler compounds are more prone to be absorbed by the body. Hence the compounds used to cure the ailments more quickly get available to the body. Thus increase the efficiency of black garlic.

Alzheimer’s Disease And Other Circulatory Problems:

Black garlic is rich in the huge amount of vitamins. It is reported that the black garlic has twice the amount of active vitamins that that of ordinary garlic. Moreover, vitamins protect our cells from getting in caught of diseases. They also help in slowing down the aging process. The special amounts of vitamin A and E are present in the noteworthy content. This is the reason that this garlic is so potent to offer active protection from the Alzheimer’s disease. Also, this magical food prevents us from free radical damage. This property makes it a supreme food for combating the chronic diseases. The free radicals also damage the cells and do affect the normal blood circulation.

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