September 10, 2013

Billionaire Icahn conceded defeat for controlling Dell

One of the largest Dell billionaire investor Carl Icahn (Carl Icahn) conceded defeat in the battle for control of Dell.On Monday, he said the refusal of further attempts to hinder the plans of Dell founder Michael Dell (Michael Dell) on the privatization of the company, as the war against the Della and the board of directors of "Unwinnable."

Refusal to fight Icahn has greatly increased the probability of a positive outcome of the vote on the privatization of a special meeting of shareholders to be held on Thursday.

Apparently, the decision to abandon the struggle was given Icahn, known for its aggressive tactics in defending personal interests, is very difficult. "The white flag," he could not resist a parting of the injection, stating in a letter to shareholders: "The Board of Directors of Dell, like many in our country, make me remember the last words of Clark Gable from the novel" Gone with the Wind "-" I just do not care . "


The main argument of Carl Icahn in the fight against the plans of Michael Dell was the fact that his proposals do not take into account the true value of the company. Recall, Dell has offered for the company $ 24.8 billion at the rate of $ 13.75 per share plus 13% of non-recurring dividends.

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