Beyond: Two Souls, Can Be Played on Smartphone or Tablet


French writer and game designer David Cage  recently declared at the EuroGamer Expo 2013 exhibition that Beyond: Two Souls can pass completely using only a smart phone or tablet computer. Applications for Android and iOS, which was published in Google Play and AppStore few days ago, enough to control the characters and enjoyment of the game.

Beyond: Two Souls

“Not everyone was born with a GamePad in hand. Many people told me that Heavy Rain took the girl, with his wife, with friends who have never heard of a video game. Some have been with her parents, and anyone with older relatives – one gamer said that before the final credits they got together with her grandmother. So we decided to make the management of Beyond: Two Souls is so simple and intuitive, so that everyone can get into the hands of iPhone, start the game and reach the final. Just like that, with one finger, “- said Cage.

According to the famous game designers, the decision was key in creating the game, and it will allow the video game industry to become more familiar and comprehensible to those who had shunned her. Release Beyond: Two Souls for PlayStation 3 on October 11.