September 10, 2013

Australian Teenager Leaked Information & Images of New iPhone

Australian teenager who in recent times has made the leak pictures of upcoming products of Apple Inc, has done it again, showing off the alleged Fingerprint latest iPhone. Phone is about to be come next week, and Apple can not figure out how to Sonny Dickson, who lives with his parents in a suburb of Melbourne, had acquired confidential information.

In August, he released detailed photos and video of the new gray and off-white hull of the upcoming iPhone, which is great news if you think that the little things are important. Dickson said yesterday that it had acquired detailed pictures of the new "Home" button, which, according to rumors, is a biometric fingerprint scanner.

"At the time, the differences in design is still to be confirmed technically, they could have enough time and money to create a biometric fingerprint scanner that predicted many experts and analysts. Actually, we would not count on it," Dickson said on his website,

Apple, is expected to launch two new models this year, the one with the new fingerprint technology and cheaper version in plastic, often called iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, respectively. Apple plans in addition to the model range 5C in the amount of six different colors for the iPhone body, in order to distinguish it from the more expensive model, which has traditionally been available only in black and white.

Apple, declined to comment on the actions of Dickson, and she said that they never contacted him about it.

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