November 16, 2015

Asus has confirmed plans to produce augmented reality glasses

Following the report on the interest in the idea of ​​creating augmented reality glasses, ASUS has officially announced the work on its own version of the portable device with the intention of selling it to start next year.

Taiwanese electronics manufacturer declined to discuss the details further, but at the same time, CEO Jerry Shen (Jerry Shen) during the summing up for the quarter, broadcast on the Internet, said the company plans to enter the market of such devices in 2016.
"It's going to happen next year when we go out with a new product - said Jerry Shen, - We believe that augmented reality will be very important to people's lives."
It is not clear whether the device is a Taiwanese company, to have some relationship to the augmented reality glasses. Microsoft HoloLens, whose version for developers will be released next year, priced at $3,000.

According to Jerry Shen, in October, the company was in talks with Microsoft about creating a cheaper version of the "smart" glasses.

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