Arrival of Samsung Galaxy S4 to Stores Delayed

Samsung Galaxy S4 will appear on U.S. shelves a few days later. The reason is that the company is unable to cope supplies on the background of increased demand.
Samsung Galaxy S4. Фото: Reuters
Samsung Galaxy S4. Image: Reuters
The smartphone is really getting more and more popular, so requires enormous resources to cover the demand of this awesome feature smartphone. Partners says, “Home sales must be provided the right amount of phones in each store. This is a very difficult task. The production line is designed for a one-dimensional issue phones, and sales start to be prepared thousands of phones in the city, and even more. So the question is, so it is in every store on the market since it was a few tens of hundreds of sets, and this is a very difficult task, even from the point of view of a transport logistics. “
The average cost of a smartphone with a contract in the U.S. will be $ 200-250.
From its predecessor Samsung Galaxy S3, the model is different and larger display with higher resolution, 13-megapixel main camera, and new software features. In particular, using the front camera smartphone is able to capture the look and stop video playback, if the view is not sent to the display.