August 12, 2013

ArmA 3 Releasing Date Announced

Bohemia Interactive Studio has finally decided on the release date for tactical military shooter game Arma 3 - the game will go on sale on 12th September 20313 as a digital services and in retail stores.

It shall be noted that a few days ago the game developers announced that at the time of release of the third part of Arma it will not be a full-fledged single-player campaign, yet it will be released later in the form of three free extras. The first of them will be known as Survive, and will be released a month after the game release.

At launch Arma 3 players will receive:

  • 12 missions for a single pass;
  • Altis and Stratis Island of 270 and 20 km 2 , respectively;
  • Fraction 3;
  • 9 scenarios for Multiplayer;
  • 10 trials;
  • More than 40 types of weapons;
  • More than 20 types of equipment;
  • Script editor and support for mods.

Game Plot:

The game will unfold its stunning features in the near future on the two islands in the Aegean Sea. Events will take place against the background of the conflict between NATO and the Eastern bloc countries. The main character, Captain Scott Miller, leads the commando operation on one of the islands, but his team discover that leads to the death of all the partners. Miller has no choice but to survive and successfully complete the task. This will help him a large arsenal and a vast fleet of equipment.

Cost of Game:

The beta version of Arma 3 will cost around $45 USD for PC.

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