May 9, 2014

Apple will Help the New York Police in Search of Stolen Devices

Apple devices are popular with users and fans of "Apple" of the brand, but the robbers are more likely to be interested in those products. According to the New York police, iPhone and iPad are probably the most important reasons for the increase of crime in the city. Due to the increasing theft of mobile devices, it was decided to create a special unit , which will deal exclusively with the recovery of stolen iPhone.

iPhone and police

To assist in the recovery of stolen mobile devices will be very Apple. Task force iTheft company will report international identifier IMEI, then Apple will provide them with full information on the whereabouts of the stolen device. With this scheme, you can find the gadget even outside the United States in a network of any mobile operator.

Its is noted that only over the past year, in New York City, there were about 3800 devices Apple stolen.

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