Apple Smart Watch will be available in March 2015


According to sources, in early 2015, to be exact – in March, Apple will be launching the sale of Apple Smart Watches for public retailers and consumers.

It is expected that at the beginning of February, all employees of Apple Retail Stores will be given a special training course in which they will learn to use Apple Watch, and a month later the smart watch will be on sale for public purpose. Teaching all employees is quite a stunning thing for a product, but in the same time it will be affecting a lot of people in connected with all Apple employees.

Another thing which can be worth mentioning is that this will be a good step, because if you are an employee of Apple and someone ask you how to operate a smart and if you are not in situation to answer it correctly or accurately or you say you don’t know, will affect the brand name directly. So this is another one of the unique steps that Apple is taking to train all employees.

Despite the fact that the watch is ready for release, the developers continue to improve their various aspects. Thus, focusing on software, speed and inductive charging mechanism.

Apple Watch will be available in three trim levels – Sport, Standard and Edition. The important part will be the cost and price of Apple Smart Watches. Price of Apple Watch Sports Edition will be $349. According to preliminary data, the version of Standard, made of stainless steel, will cost about $500 and a gold Edition – a few thousand dollars. The prices are not just exact and may vary upon launch or availability in different countries.

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