April 10, 2015

Apple Started Accepting Pre-Orders for Apple Watch

Apple began taking pre-orders for "Smart Watch" Apple Watch. Information about this appeared on the company's website on Friday. But other than normally which was seen previously, no large queues are seen outside of Apple Stores. As people are putting pre-orders on websites now, so rushing to Apples stores and offices is now going down.

Official sales hours will begin on April 24th. The first owners of their residents will be Germany, Hong Kong, USA, Canada, China, France, Japan, UK and Australia.

The cost base "Sport Model" is $349. The most expensive model for Apple Watch is "Rose Gold" - worth $17 thousand. In total there are 38 different combinations. Prior to the start of sales in the above mentioned countries, Apple Watches will appear on April 24 by appointment and will be available for can come and try basis.

Let me remind you, Apple for the first time spoke about "smart watches" in September 2014. They are equipped with a special version of the iOS mobile operating system and fitness tracker. An interesting feature that Apple will be relying on is that the Apple Watch has built-in payment via Apple Pay.

The interesting part will be Apple Watch effect in the market as already many Android Smart Watches, like Asus ZenWatch, Samsung Gear S, Motorola Moto 360, LG G Watch R, Pebble Steel, Pebble and xTouch Smart Watch and many known Smart watches are available in market with many fruitful features.

A nice comparison for Smart Watches is compiled on GizMag that will guide you thoroughly.

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