Apple Will Make Siri More Smarter

Already now you can ask Siri, so it can buy you tickets to a movie or book a table at your favorite restaurant, but there are still many things that she (or he) can not yet handle. According to the report The Information, people in Cupertino, however, are working hard in order to make Siri even more smarter, giving it the ability to search and use of third-party applications.
Redirecting search Siri means that a virtual assistant will be able to know about your application and run it when you need anything related directly to these applications. Imagine that you can ask Siri to check where nearby there is a taxi or track your mileage – and soon it will do so by using applications such as Hailo or RunKeeper. 
Apple has contracts with companies such as OpenTable, Fandango and Wolfram Research. These agreements have led to the integration of some applications in Siri, but this new approach could eventually mean similar functionality for all applications, not just for those that chose AppleThe Information also adds that Siri soon, will be able to decide which applications should not run, and which are not, depending on the CPU load and overall performance. Sounds like a major sign for something like the legendary Apple SmartWatch, is not it?