November 19, 2014

Apple released iOS 8.1.1

On November, Apple surprised many registered developers with the release of the first beta version of iOS 8.1.1. We can not say that this never happened before, but minor updates are rarely available to public testing stage and in most cases appear immediately after the completion of work on them to Apple. One reason for this situation could be a large amount of criticism of the eighth version of the mobile operating system. Even if iOS 8.1 has corrected many of the problems of the claims already.

Apple today released a public update that is already available to owners of compatible smartphones, tablets and the iPod touch. To install a new version of software you can use the Updates tab in the device settings, or connect it to your computer and run iTunes.

With regard to changes, it is known for the correction of known errors, and attention paid to issues of safety and performance. Developers in the testing phase indicated that the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S began to work much faster than running iOS 8.1.1. Bugs may arise after the launch of an operating fixes, for this alpha, beta and stable versions are launched for the public to test and report for the problems.

In addition, another important news - after installing the update you can not jailbreak using with Chinese utilities Pangu. If you close your eyes to the possibility of loss of hacking the firmware update after disgruntled users will be much less and the operating system closer to that status as it would like to see more after the September release. In other words, it is strongly recommended to install the update.

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