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Apple is preparing a keyboard for the iPad

Apple is preparing a keyboard for the iPad

by Naveed A LodhiOctober 21, 2013

It seems that not only Nokia has decided to write off the tablet design of Surface Microsoft Cover Keyboard and now Apple Company is also taking interest.

According to one former employee relations department, Jamie Ryan, the company has been working on a cover-keyboard, which is a bit too similar to the Microsoft Touch Cover.

Ryan added that there are good chances to see this creature at the presentation of Apple this Tuesday. Ryan received such information from other employees of the company and said that there is no guarantee that the keyboard is ready for presentation this week.

It remains to wait for the event, because no official word to the company is difficult to say exactly what Apple will show the world tomorrow. One thing is for sure: this kind of accessory will clearly separate the iPad and iPad mini from each other and functions as intended.

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