January 30, 2014

Apple Won Another Patented iPen Stylus

Apple in recent days, applied and got a lot of new patents which includes the iPen. One of the latest product filings which the company describes "Smart Stylus iPen". So far, this American company has filed about 20 patents, which can be used to manufacture a new brand stylus with advanced functionality.

The patented product consists of an iPen which has a 919 Orientation sensor which will work on 920 touch panel which consists of 929 Orientation Sensor. As the company describes the process as

Sense stylus orientation relative to reference > Sense touch panel orientation relative to reference > Calculates stylus orientation relative to touch panel.

This patent isobtained today, in short and non-technical narration, describes a system that will determine the position of the stylus through the built-in sensors in the tablet and stylus itself. The patent describes the application of the ideas and embodiments in practice.

For example, using such sensors can create a lot more teams that will recognize the touch screen. So if you turn the other end of the stylus, it will erase drawn on the screen, in the manner of a pencil with an eraser. If you tilt stylus, it can be used for fine shading or shadows sketches, again in the manner of an ordinary pencil. If put a pen on the table, then turn on the power saving mode, as the system will understand that you are currently not using it.

The patent itself was filed for consideration as early as 2011. Apparently, Apple has become an important turn the stylus into something more than "just a stick," as by Steve Jobs. Also, if you believe the rumors that persistently indicate early release iPad Pro with 12.9" screen, a "smart stylus" for such a device would be very useful. So in this case, the path of the patent to the finished product may be quite small.

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