Apple iPhone has launched an exchange program with a surcharge


Apple is the first time in its history, the United States has put in an exchange program with a surcharge. While the trade-in program only works for the iPhone. In Apple said that the program iPhone Reuse and Recycling starts Friday.

The program has a number of features: first, sharing only be legally purchased smartphones, and secondly, you can exchange those smartphones that have been bought by Apple in salons or at its online store. In addition, the old iPhone can not be exchanged for money – only on the new iPhone with some additional charge. Possible to exchange the old iPhone, but the money to pay the difference between gift cards, certificates.

Exchange shall be subject to all models of iPhone, starting with 3G, but the specific amount of compensation is determined based smartphone smartphone models, as well as the physical condition of the unit.

Previously, a number of Western media reported that the company will introduce a trade-in program in September, simultaneously with the release of the new iPhone.

Source: CyberSecurity