September 21, 2015

Apple iOS Facing First Major Malware Attack

Apple was said to be the most secure in terms of Applications and Operating System. Recently Apple’s App Store faced the first major and large-scale malware attack and you can say hacked in some cases.

This is said to be the first large-scale attack in Apple’s history. Apple claimed that have cleaned the store applications from malicious programs which they discovered after the major hacker attack on the App Store.

Apple was forced to announce these actions after a number of companies in the field of cyber security reported the existence of a new malware called XcodeGhost, built into hundreds of legitimate and authentic applications.

The agency Reuters said that hackers succeeded for the first time so widespread viral code in the application, gaining a pass way through the secured system. Till now, one of the Chinese company Qihoo360 Technology Co has found 344 infected applications which were infected with XcodeGhost Malware.

How much has already been deleted from the App Store - is unknown. Palo Alto Networks Inc (PANW.N) before this reported only five cases of infected programs. Palo Alto Networks Director of Threat Intelligence declared that the malware had a limited functionality and claimed that according to their tests, they did not find any loss of data or data being stolen.

According to Apple, hackers introduced a virus disguised exactly using one of the official tool XSode that is used by developers to develop applications allowing you to automatically create programs and implement extra code as well. It is also said that Malwared Version of Xcode was downloaded from China Servers as they are pretty fast in deployments heavy stuff in terms of developers.

According to the security agency, among the infected applications have been mobile chat WeChat, the car-hailing application called Didi Kuaidi and music application from the Internet portal NetEase Inc.

Covering to this Tencent announced on their official WeChat blog that only one older version of WeChat 6.2.5 was affected with this malware attack. The newer versions are safe to be used.

The company is not sure about what action to take users using iPhone and iPad, in order to analyze and clear whether they were infected devices resulting in this cyber-attack.

The American corporation Apple was founded in 1976 by Mr. Steve Jobs (Late), Mr. Steve Wozniak and Mr. Ronald Wayne. Apple's main headquarters is currently located at Cupertino, CA, USA.

They are very much popular in the production of Personal and Tablet Computers, Music Players, Smart Phones, Smart Watches and Other Softwares.

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