March 7, 2017

Apple, Google, Samsung, LG, Nokia, Microsoft & Other Brand Stories

What does the word Samsung come from, Why LG, and why the company Steve Jobs takes its name from the fruit? Where did they come from and what is the story behind the names of the giant technology companies?

Answers to these questions can be found below.


Originally founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak called Apple Computer. The second part was removed only in 2007, when the company launched its first iPhone.

Why Apple?

Well, a strong influence on this decision was that when Jobs and Wozniak invented the name, the first just returned from the orchard, which dealt with the trimming of trees.

They discussed the typical technical jargon such as Matrix, and as Execytek, as well as the simple, boring names like Personal Computer Inc. The decision had to be finalized the next day, when Jobs wanted to start filling the documentation papers. In the end, suggested Apple Computers. "I was just in one of its fruit diet - he said. - I'm just back from the apple farm. It sounded funny, inspiring and accessibly. Apple softened sound of the word computer. In addition, the phone book would be in front of Atari." Wozniak said that if the next afternoon did not fall for something better, will be at Apple. And that's how it happened.

"Steve Jobs" - Walter Isaacson

Mike Markkula - Apple's first president - says that with a funny dissonance name of the company contributed to the growth of its recognition.

This name is a little pointless. Therefore, it forces the brain to over the thought for Apple and computers... It does not fit together! This has increased awareness of our brand."

Mike Markkula, "Steve Jobs" - Walter Isaacson

It is worth noting that the first Apple logo is by no means represented gnawed apple.

The first Apple logo inspired from Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree

The first Apple logo inspired from Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree


ASUS is the last four letters of Pegasus words. Pegasus was the winged horse of Greek mythology, which symbolizes wisdom and knowledge.

As the company explains the meaning itself: "ASUS embodies the strength, purity and adventure spirit of this fantastic creature and rises to new heights with every new product that will create."


BlackBerry is a brand founded by the company that originally called Research In Motion. BlackBerry is a series of smartphones by the company, and their name comes from the visual associations characteristic QWERTY keyboard boysenberry.

The first BlackBerry phone

The first BlackBerry phone

Brand has become so popular that in 2013 the name of the BlackBerry took over the entire company.


Initially, the most famous search engine in the world called BackRub, but its creators began to think of another name. After brainstorming decided to Googol - word for number one with a hundred zeros, which was perfectly fit algorithm containing huge amounts of data.

Why the went with Google? Well, funny but true, it's a simple typo, which occurred while registering the domain.


Behind the name of this company, there is no exciting story hidden. HTC is the acronym for High Tech Computer Corporation - the original name of a Taiwanese company.


Huawei is a transliteration of the Chinese name 华为 that has many meanings.

The first character means "flower" (This is indeed a corporate logo), "Great" or "China". The second is the "Action" or "Achievement". Company name can therefore be read as "Chinese Achievement."


Originally, the company was known under the name Legend indicating legend. Unfortunately, the Chinese have enormous problems with the registration activities on the following markets, since the name was already reserved by another company.

In 2002 it was decided to change the name. With the "Legend" left the same "Le", to which was added "novo" - the Latin word for novelty.


LG was founded in 1958, the Korean giant originally called it GoldStar, or Gold Star. 10 years later the company merged with the company Lucky Chemical Company, which resulted in the change of name to Lucky GoldStar Group. They remains in force until 1995, when it amended the name to LG Group to remembered easily.

Thus, contrary to popular belief, the LG is not an acronym used today slogan Life's Good.


This name was not invented by Bill Gates, but Paul Allen - the co-founder of the company. So again there is no interesting thing behind, no lofty idea or inspiring story.

The original name Micro-Soft is a combination of words, microprocessor and software. Over time, they removed the hyphen.


In 1928, Paul and Joseph Galvin bought bankrupt battery manufacturer Stewart Battery Company, whose name was renamed the Galvin Manufacturing Corporation. The first key product of the company was named Motorola car radio. The name was created from the combination of the words "motor" (engine) and "vitriol" (a common name for the radio).

Car Radio called Motorola (

Car Radio called Motorola (

As you might imagine, the brand Motorola has become so popular that in 1947 it was decided to change the name on the whole.


Legendary company, which recently again became popular again with relaunch of Nokia 3310, owes its name Nokianvirta river, which flows through the Finnish town of Nokia, where for many years the company was established.

Immediately, when Nokia was established, why it is believed that owes its name to the river, not the city? The city Nokia was founded in 1865, which is exactly the same, which was established by Nokia. The name of both the city and the company refers to the river.


Samsung name came up in the mind of its founder - Lee Byung-Chull. In the Korean language, "he sung" means "three stars. Why such a name? Samsung maintains that the vision of the founder was to create a company that would one day become a" powerful and eternal, like the stars in the sky."

Samsung All Old Logos

Samsung All Old Logos

Interestingly, the three stars scrolled up for the next Samsung logos until 1993, when the logo appears in galaxy or sky to this day.


Just like many other companies, including Sony and it was the first name of the company. Originally it was Tokyo Tsushin Kenkyu-jo, but with time, for obvious reasons, began to look for a more friendly name. They were taken into account acronym TTK, but the company wanted to avoid association with the railway undertaking of the same name. Another candidate is the name Totsuko, but the Americans had too much trouble with the pronunciation.

Eventually it was decided to combine the Latin word Sonus (sound) and Sonny (popular in American slang definition of the boy). This was to symbolize that the company is young and full of energy.


The name of the Chinese company in a free translation means ... Millet. This does not mean it is plant providing company, however, that the company's founder - Lei Jun - chump was in great love for this plant.

Xiaomi CEO repeatedly stressed he appreciates the name. For example, often exhibited "MI" can be decrypted as Mobile Internet or Mission Impossible, which is to symbolize that the company is capable of making the impossible.


ZTE changed its name several times, but always the first name was the expression "Zhongxing", which in Chinese means "The prosperity of China." Currently, ZTE is the acronym of Zhongxing Telecommunication Equipment Corporation.

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