May 29, 2013

Apple CEO promised to please the world with new products

Two weeks before the start of a major Conference of Web developers, Apple CEO Tim Cook decided to make a brief announcement of future plans of the company.
According to him, the Corporation now has developed several products that could change the world, but what exactly is it is too early to say.
Apple I at the Smithsonian Museum

Apple I at the Smithsonian Museum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In his speech, Cook made several preconditions for the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference, which traditionally deals with Apple, suggesting that there will be named prior to the release of the company's products.
It is possible that Cook's statement provoked numerous protests against the company over the last year, experts and consumers have repeatedly complained that the Apple brand innovation initially stopped to amaze the world with new products.
We remind that in the beginning of the year in the press spread rumors that an American company prepares to enter smart watches that combine iWatch functions hours, Smartphone and computer. These guesses have been repeatedly reaffirmed veiled hints and points of entry for the company, but official confirmation was not received.
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