July 14, 2013

Apple and Amazon have stopped the proceedings in relation to App Store

Apple and Amazon declined to further development of a lawsuit related to the name App Store. Apple has to use is the name of the App Store, while Amazon is using the name Appstore. After several years of litigation, the company decided that both will use the name and will not pursue each other.

The closest hearing on the App Store - Appstore was scheduled for August 19, but on Tuesday, July 9, in the court of the city of Oakland in California has received a statement that the company will not continue the proceedings and each will remain in his own, but will not prevent a competitor.

According to the documents, first withdrew their claims Apple, while Amazon was originally performed by the defendant. After the iPhone maker has refused the claim Amazon also quickly announced that she, too, to Apple no questions.

Apple spokesman said: "There is no point to continue the proceedings. 900 thousand apps and 50 billion downloads speak for themselves. People know which shop to choose."

Representatives of Amazon said that the court's decision was logical, and the company is now able to work in peace and provide customers with services and products of the highest quality.

Technically between the Apple App Store and Amazon Appstore no competition - the application of these two stores are not compatible with each other and are intended only for buyers of mobile devices of their respective manufacturers. That is, iPhone or iPad users can not use the Amazon Appstore, and vice versa.

(Infographics: Five years AppStore: Apple App Store in numbers)

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