AntiMonopoly Committee vs Google: Serious Rules Problem


European Anti-Monopoly Committee decided to get serious about the largest company in the field of Internet technologies – Google. The first issue about “rein in” violent temper Google, which manifests itself, according to the committee, in the discrimination of competitors.

Essence of the claim is in fact a popular search service providing unequal conditions when issuing the results to a query, if that, in turn, touched competing structures. Simply put, Google’s opponents did not receive market information equal rights when prompted by the search engine of the same name.

Head of EU antitrust committee, former Spanish politician Joaquin Almunia, was outraged by this corporation, which it adopted on the issue of violation of Antimonopoly legislation. Mr Almunia sees the reason for this unacceptable behavior of Google management only that the corporation has a monopoly market and occupies a dominant position in the field of Internet services, and therefore primarily interested in promoting their services and services. Using this advantage, the company is “strangling” of opponents of the policy, by signing a contract with the developers of sites and software so that the competition between Google and was reduced to a minimum.

Joaquin Almunia indicated its claim on behalf of the Anti-Monopoly Committee as a “statement of objections” in accordance with the name, which assigns formal charges by the Committee of the Belgian government. However, Mr Almunia stay on the occupied office ends in 2014, but members of the community believe that the “statement of objections” – is only the first step in the process against the Internet giant. Even if the current head of the committee will take on cases at the end of his term, a trial with Google to continue in the same vein, and may be delayed for a very long period of time.

Reaction and followed by competing structures like and the Initiative for a Competitive Online Marketplace (ICOMP), who also felt the dishonest conduct of business by the company’s monopoly. ICOMP lawyers offered chapter and members of the European Anti-Monopoly Committee to set aside their verbal statements about Google and move on to more serious action, starting proceedings in the official court order and conducting a full investigation of the situation.

“For Google, it was suggested at least two versions of events to come to terms with the Antimonopoly Commission. However, their response demonstrates a complete unwillingness to compromise and change anything in the stated policy of doing things” – summed up in his statement, David Wood, Legal Counsel ICOMP.

If the process takes a serious turn, the long investigation may ultimately lead to the imposition of fines on Google in the amount of approximately $ 5 billion

But analysts say that such an outcome is unlikely. And the reason for that – quite “soft” and loyal tactics Joaquin Almunia. His predecessor Neli Cruz (Neelie Kroes) led much more aggressive confrontational. Due to this the former head of the antimonopoly committee forced Microsoft to pay billions in fines for his rash actions.

Credits: 3dNews