Angry Birds Activity Park Opened in Gran Canaria


The famous Smartphone Game Character from the game Angry Birds continue to capture “A Land Spot” in EUROPE. The new theme park named as “ANGRY BIRDS ACTIVITY PARK” was opened in Mogan Resort on the Spanish Island Gran Canaria. Its is said to be the Third in Europe and the Wold’s largest fleet for the popular Angry Birds.

Angry Birds Activity Park Opened in Gran Canaria

Angry Birds Activity Park

“Angry Birds” from Finnish company Rovio is a famous smartphones game which haas conquered the mobile phone gaming world long ago. In the opening of Angry Birds Activity Park, their fans have visited hundreds of millions of people – from school children to scholars, art and even presidents of countries. For example, British Prime Minister David Cameron did not hide his passion for this and attended the opening ceremony.

A few years ago, the company has set its sights on winning “off-line” of the space. The first step was the theme park Angry Birds Land, opened June 8, 2012. After 17 months, opened its third European and world’s fourth largest park boat brand of “Angry Birds”.

Angry Birds Activity Park – The Largest Theme Park

The largest theme park as Angry Birds Activity Park opened its doors to visitors to the resort of Mogan in Gran Canaria. The park was built in just three months, spending has 4 Million Euros. It was enough to create the world’s largest entertainment complex based on the popular game.

To date, the company has parks opened in Finland, China and the UK. Park in the Canary Islands is still significantly ahead of their “Partners” on the scale of the project. This Angry Birds Adventure Park & entertainment complex is able to accommodate up to 1,200 visitors at a time, the attention of which are 25 different attractions, located on 5,000 sq ft, said Espanarusa .

It is interesting that the creators and managers of the park emphasize that the park in the first place, will be focused on local residents. To stimulate the interest of the residents to a new amusement park, tickets for them will cost less than 12.50 Euros. For everyone else, the cost of this entertainment will be 15 euros.

The opening ceremony of the park, was quite unusual: in addition to the local authorities which was attended by 500 invited children from kindergartens and junior schools in Gran Canaria. They enjoyed the first day of the rides, and it was absolutely free.

For comparison of Angry Birds Activity Park, a ticket on the day of the Finnish Särkänniemi Amusement Park is 35 euros for adults and for children it varies from 19 to 29 euros.

The developers of the game admit that they had not even imagined that their application for smartphones may eventually lead to such a big impact.

Puzzle video game developed by Finnish company Rovio Mobile, is based on the fact that the player using a slingshot to shoot birds at pigs, placed on different structures. When a player goes through this level (or episode), he opened a new level and new birds. The company Rovio Mobile has always supported Angry Birds Play with numerous free updates and additions.