Android is better than iPhone


Despite the buzz about iPhone, normally it is believed that Android is better than iPhone. iPhones have a wide market and a storm passes over the whole market with every launch of the company. From the release of latest iPhones to the iOS7 everything gained its place quite well. A new debate hits the social media every time that which of the smartphone is best among all, and the battle continues…

Latest reports have shown the highest selling rate for the iPhones, but there is still another side of the picture. Despite all this buzz it won’t be false to say that


Android users prefer Android over iPhone because of many reasons.

Reasons why Android is better than iPhone?

The reasons may vary from person to person, but some of the reasons that are genuine are as follows.

  • More storage at low cost

The memory of iPhone is not alterable. Once you have bought your model you are just stuck up with the built-in memory there is no additional external memory available. Android smartphones offers external SD slots with a wide range capacity. Much more storage can be provided at much cheaper rates. All of the latest Android phones come up with 32 GB of the internal memory, plus the additional external memory cards up to 64 GB for $20

  • Replaceable battery

The battery iPhone is not replaceable as it is fixed. While in case of smartphone if battery is having issues it is available easily in the market plus the batteries are available in affordable ranges. Even Apple accepted that there is battery issue in iPhone 5 series batch. You can check it via their website using your serial number if it was in that batch you can replace your iPhone.

  • Third party Smart keyboard

None of the complaints have been registered against iPhone keyboard, but no other versions are available. This issue does not have with Android. Android has the variety of keyboard available. The default Keyboard can be replaced by any of the available version of your own choice. There are different types of Android Keyboards available in Playstore, Paid and Free as well.

  • Ease of access to multimedia

Android gives you the liberty to add music irrespective of the fact that from where it is coming. To have any kind of songs in iPhone it is compulsory to have iTunes and also if you want your pictures to get transferred to your laptop.

  • Better App management

Android provides its users more ease to manage the Apps. There are variety of available options like force stop the App and uninstall. The facility of clearing the cache is also available to clear up the storage and to monitor how much storage is being occupied by the App. With iPhone force stop is not possible it can be deleted permanently on pressing longer on iTunes.

  • More customization

Where most of the people are very much satisfy with the overall display of iPhones, but it has not bring what much change from years. Apps cannot be changed you have to move through the whole of screen to find any App. The change is what every user want by the end of day. iPhone is of homogenous nature while Android provides customization. Almost every aspect of your phone can be changed. A special App Cyanogen Mod lets you remove the features that came pre-loaded with your phone if you are willing to get rid of them.

  • Better notification bar

Check and track of all the activities can be done with your Android phone, as it gives the notification of all the important things at the top of screen. Whenever notification is displayed appropriate actions at that time can be taken irrespective of what you are currently doing. The notifications like when you set the alarm it automatically calculates the hours that how long will you be taking the sleep, while iPhone lets you do it by yourself.

  • Universal sharing

iPhone allows sharing any type of content with a few of the basic types of Apps like  Message, Mail, Twitter, Facebook, and Flicker etc. Android offers the sharing capabilities with any of the Apps that have feature of sharing.

  • Back button

Android provides a simple and easy way of returning back from where the user is even if you are using any kind of App. whereas iPhone does not facilitate its user with this. The only way of returning back to the previous screen or going to home screen is the Home Button.

  • Direct Download

Android lets its users to directly download whatever the Apps user wants to, but that is not the case with iPhone. Instead of iPhone App in the browser user must have iTunes to install the desired App.

  • Separate storage of media files of all Apps

Android lets you organize the stuff in a better way. Screenshots, Viber, WhatsApp and others all are sorted in the separate folders. Even in the computer when you plug-in your Android the same separate folders are displayed in computer. That visibility and ease is not possible with iPhone.

  • Phone unlock options

iPhone 5S, 6S and 6S+ have fingerprint scanner unlock that is very fascinating. On the other hand Android offers a variety of unlock options like slide, pattern, pin, face lock and password. User can select the type of lock it wants.

  • Customize unlock options

Android facilitates its users to unlock the screen to any type of the App you want to go to directly. Those Apps can be selected that have to be used frequently by the user.

  • Multiple user accounts can be set on same Android

To ensure the security and limiting the amount of information you want to preview to different users multiple accounts for same Android can be set. This is not possible with Ipad.

  • Better maps

Both Apple and Android provide the facility of maps, but the quality of Google map is far way better than Apple’s baked-in maps. Also you cannot set Google maps as your default on iPhone.

  • Google Play Store

Google Play Store provides a wide range of Apps. A variety of Apps are available for whatever you think about. It provides a user-friendly interface. You do not have to go through a stress full search.

  • A variety of hardware device

A complete range of Android phones are available these days. You can pick up the model according to your individual preferences. From price point of view a whole lot is available. While with iPhones a limited number of available models are hitting the market that includes iPhone 6s Plus, a midsize iPhone 6s and three old models: the similarly-sized.

  • Universal chargers

Android uses the same standard size of chargers with all the wide range of smart phones available. So there is no issue if you lost your charger it can be charged with any of the Android charger, but for iPhone they do not follow a standard. You have to charge it only with the charger that is designed particularly for your model.

  • Contacts with images

You can manually set the images for your contacts. That is visually more appealing than the simple contact names appearing on your screen. iPhone does not have this facility.



Both Android and iPhone has their own advantages and disadvantages. There are bunch of advantages that only iPhone offers, but the advantages provided by Android surpass iPhone.

Writing Credits: Sidra Aleem | Image Credits: iPhoneHacks