August 9, 2015

Android App Advertising Appeared on Google Play

Google will introduced app advertising in its application store known as Play Store. Advanced applications can all conventional developers and experienced advertisers. To do this, select your AdWords campaign such as "Install mobile applications."

Play Store as an advertising platform compares favorably with other areas visitors preferred applications. Visitors have come with the intentions to see the application to their liking, and it is easier to accept new proposals. Partners Adwords, participated in the testing of updates, talk about the growth of the number of units after the advertising inside the store.

Before, it was difficult for applications developers to advertise their apps directly to people using Android of smartphones. With this update, they can app advertising can easily be achieved directly for Android users and get the most fruit out of their Adwords campaigns rather of getting the visitors using Laptops or PCs.

Google also introduced a tool Android First App Opens Allowing to trace the first run application from advertising users. With it, advertisers will be able to verify the correctness of your AdWords data, and third-party services.

In the coming weeks Google will also introduce AdWords campaigns for universal applications that it was announced in May of this year. It is expected that a new kind of campaigns will give advertisers more control over the promotion of the application on Google Play.

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