Americans Spent $11 Billion on Mobile Phones: 2013 Update


Americans are known for their emotional attachment to the production of a local manufacturer Apple. Many of them have purchased a new iPhone immediately after its release. And how much money nationwide U.S. residents spend on updating mobile devices discovered site staff, and helping users to buy and sell phones on the secondary market.

According to the survey, in 2013 Americans spent more than $ 11 billion to buy new phones. Nearly half of the money ($ 5.4 billion) accounted for users iPhone. Those were spending an average of $ 151 for the opportunity to have a more modern “apple” device. The average for the market as a whole is $ 130.

Approximately 23% of American adults prefer to change the gadget once a year. In the assistance of local mobile operators and a variety of services, which are proposals for Trade-In (renting products in payment of the new). Through these actions, some people allow themselves to update the “mobile phone” twice a year or more.

Users buying up b/y phones and sells them at a bargain price, willing to pay $ 110 for iPhone 4s smartphone with 16 GB of memory in good condition. iPhone 5 is estimated to cost around $280. According to the portal, the number of transactions for the sale of your old iPhone in order to pay for the new in 2013 grew by 74%. According to Samsung’s growth rate of 114%.