AMD made a statement about DirectX 12


AMD has put itself in a rather awkward position with DirectX from Microsoft. Mantle, obviously works better than the industry standard for DirectX 11, DirectX 12 and the introduction, as well as Nvidia and opinion about him, be able to shed some light on what we get with this update.

AMD, clearly expressed its support for DirectX and was happy to say that all of the GPUs Radeon, working on its latest architecture Graphics Core Next (GCN), will support DirectX 12. They include the Radeon HD 7000 Southern Islands 2012 GPU, and a series of 2013/2014 Volcanic Islands R200.

AMD uses the words “full compatibility”, so that any errors will not be there, but official support will be announced later. We’re talking about drivers DirectX 12, but since we do not expect any games that use it before the holiday season in 2015, AMD has a lot of time left. Nvidia also announced that it has some drivers and developer kits for DirectX 12, which were sent to him the best developers, but AMD chose to remain silent on such a step.

“AMD believes strongly in the benefits that gamers and game developers will be able to get from using the low-level API”, said Matt Skinner, corporate vice president and general manager of the graphics division AMD. “With Mantle API, AMD showed the world its commitment to outstanding performance, and we look forward to the opportunity to get the same performance gain by supporting industry-standard DirectX 12.”

In this way, Skinner said he was glad that Microsoft is doing what it has already started to AMD. We are pleased that DirectX 12 is the real thing, and that he finally nearing release. He will be able to effectively use 20nm GPUs that are significantly faster than the ones we have today, but Mantle accelerate their even before we see games with DirectX 12 on the shelves.