AMD and Mixamo Created New Motion Capture Technology


Creating face expressions to make them look real is always the hard part in creating games or 3d Animations. But recently from resources it is known that AMD and Mixamo created new motion capture technology.

The technology is called Face Plus and allows anyone with a $ 20 web-cam engine and Unity to create realistic facial expressions, without excessive costs. Mixamo Face plugin for Unity is designed to help developers to capture their facial expressions through a standard web camera and transmit them in real time on a character using 3D-technology-based solutions from AMD A-Series APU and GPU.

This gives the game or 3d character developers an ability to capture and and create a real-time animation. How these things work? It is made possible by offloading algorithm Mixamo from the CPU to the new version of GPU-tech AMD. All indications are that the technology could lead to a new generation of Indie Games. This will be especially true when it will be possible to use this technology to create a full-body character.
Manju Hegde from AMD announced that AMD is astonishingly impressed with the results that Mixamo has achieved in the optimization of their technology and enjoys not only the opportunities it brings to Unity developers today, but also the potential that can provide users and gamers a real time game experience.