September 15, 2013

AMD Introduced a Quad-Core (4-Core) APU A4-1350

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has launched a new A4-1350 processor for tablets and mini laptops. New complement on the line is Elite Mobility APU Platform, which are dual-core A4-1200 and A4-1250.

amd a4-1350


Platform Details that are already mentioned in the picture but for accessibility issue and for sharing convenience the details are:

  • Dual/Quad Core, AMD Start Now technology w/smart sleep
  • AMD Turbo Dock technology for 40% performance boost
  • Jaguar Core: Up to 20% improvement over Bobcat cores
  • "GCN" GPU core: Up to 75% compute performance (GFLOP) improvement with DirectX 11.1 Support
  • Power gating for DCE, UVD, VCE, NG and DDR P-States
  • Memory support: Single-Channel (64 bits) DDR3
  • High Resolution display supporting dual up to 2560 x 1600
  • Faster than real-time HD encode - H.264, SVC HDCP 2.1
  • Protected content DRM offloaded from CPU, HDCP 2.1
  • Update I/O: Up to 8 USB 2.0 and 2 USB 3.0 Ports, 1 SATA Gen2, SD Card reader version 3.0 or SDIO Controller

The characteristics of this processor are very close to the A6-1450. AMD A4-1350 unlike its competitors has four core operating frequency of 1.0 GHz and 4 MB cache in the second level. Integrated Graphics Radeon HD 8210 has 128 shader cores and supports DirectX 11.1. Integrated memory controller supports DDR3-1066 memory. M Maximum flash  value TDP A4-1350 is 8 watts, the reality in the performance of simple tasks processor consumes about 3 watts of power. Thus, the battery life of devices based on this processor can be about a day. The chip is a serious competitor to Intel's solutions in this class.

Shipments of processors A4-1350 will begin in October this year.


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