August 24, 2013

Amazon Wants to Build its Own Wireless Network

Amazon is going to build its own a physical Wireless Network of high-speed access in several cities  in the US to try out this solution and then, if successful, to do a more extensive introduction of this high network service. According to an unofficial report, Amazon is ready to begin testing a new wireless network in the city of Cupertino, California.

The network will be based on money transactions from online retailers and will deliver services to end users under the Amazon-like brand. But to manage the network and be responsible for the technical aspects the company Globalstar Communications will be one of the known operators of satellite networks.

This will only be going to a test phase in which Amazon will only check the working and working capabilities of the network, the flaws if found any, the technical issues and troubleshooting those issues. But most importantly the range of this huge wireless network will be a difficult task, specially in case of bad weather and bad climate situations. The tenure to troubleshoot the issues will also be noted.

Amazon хочет построить собственную WiFi-сеть

Jeffrey Bezos, founder of Amazon (Photos - EPA)

In addition, if Amazon will manage its own network, the company will distribute WiFi-Gadgets and reader Kindle to its users and customers in those particular areas. Furthermore, the customers will receive a number of tariff plans, access to paid services Amazon, for example, the service Amazon Instant Video.

Source: Bloomberg

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