March 29, 2013

Amazon Acquired Social Network for Book Readers GoodReads

Internet commerce giant Inc declared on Thursday, that it will buy the website Goodreads, devoted to the discussion of books. Having bought Goodreads, Amazon will get community book lovers willing to actively buy and recommend to others to read a particular book - one of the key products online store.

Image representing Amazon as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

" Goodreads has helped change the way you search for books and discuss about them, and with Amazon Kindle ( tablet Amazon) helped to promote reading across the world, "- said in a press release, vice president Russ Grandinetti Amazon.

Goodreads is based in San Francisco, co-founder of the site was Otis Chandler, whose family once published the Los Angeles Times. Goodreads users exceeds 16 million agreement, which is expected to close in the II quarter, the company did not disclose.

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