August 2, 2014

Age effects on Bodybuilding

Many people say that heavy exercise leads to premature aging and deterioration of the body, although, according to one study, it is absolutely not true.

Let us understand in detail on this issue, and more specifically the age effects on bodybuilding.


What are the age effects on bodybuilding

How does bodybuilding affect the aging process

It's no secret that since 20 years of age the human body begins to slowly but surely grow old. A visual and auditory functions begin to gradually "fade" is from 12-13 years. However, for the sake of fairness it should be noted that the signs of wilting body at this time does not manifest itself outwardly: they can be seen only on the analysis of certain biochemical markers.

Around age 25, the first wrinkles appear human; intermittent episodes of depression, which indicate a low level physical strength.

As soon as a person's age passes for 30, old age begins to active attack. Why are only the data on oxygen uptake by tissues: after 30 years it falls by 10% and further reduced by 10% in each decade.

Unfortunately, most people do not care for the above changes without giving them special value. However, there are those who are concerned about this issue. It is intended for them further information.

According to Tufts University researchers, bodybuilding, just like any other class with weights, capable of carrying a pronounced anti-aging effect. Exercises help to normalize metabolic processes, especially when a combination of classes with regular diet. Also in the research, attended by people aged 61 to 95 years who began to engage in exercise with weights. The results were staggering: in a short time their power rates increased by 190-210%, and increase muscle mass was about 20%.

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