AdSense for feeds (AFF) is going away


After carefully evaluating the product, we’ve decided to retire the AdSense for feeds product.

The process will happen in two phases and your account will be affected, depending on your usage of the product. To check whether you’re currently generating any revenue from AdSense for feeds, run your “Products” performance report and review the listed products for recent data for “AdSense for feeds.”

Choose the situation applies to you:

You’re not using the product

From October 2nd, 2012, you’ll no longer have the option to select “Adsense for feeds” from the More products menu in your My ads tab.

You’re currently serving ads on RSS feeds via AdSense

  • On December 3rd, 2012, AdSense ads will stop serving on RSS feeds and you’ll no longer see feed units in your My ads tab.
  • FeedBurner URLs powered by Google will continue to function. As a result, it won’t be necessary to redirect your subscribers to different URLs or to take any other action on the account.

Other AdSense products

Although AdSense for feeds is going away, this change won’t affect any other AdSense products you’re currently using or the availability of the other products to you.


Your AdSense for feeds units will continue to accrue earnings until December 3, when they will stop showing ads on your RSS feeds. As of the last day of December 2012, your earnings will be finalized as usual. At this point, one of the following will apply:

    • If your earnings do not exceed the payment threshold, but you use other AdSense products, your AdSense for feeds earnings will be accrued toward payment in a future period when your AdSense account does exceed the payment threshold.
  • If your earnings do not exceed the payment threshold and you don’t use other AdSense products then the amount of accrued earnings from your AdSense for feeds units will remain as a balance in your AdSense account for as long as your account is open.

Reports and earnings

Reporting on AdSense for feeds and corresponding channels will remain available in your account. Even though you will no longer be able to access AdSense for feeds settings and channels, you will be able to see historical performance of them on the Performance reports tab in your AdSense account.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know if I will be affected by this change?

If you have active feed ad units in your AdSense account, then you’ve been using AdSense for feeds to monetize your RSS feeds. AdSense for feeds shows up on the My ads tab in your AdSense account, on the left with any other products that you use. When you click Feed ads under “Feeds” any feed unit you see listed will be affected by this change.

Do AdSense for feeds policies still apply to my AdSense account?

Yes. AdSense for feeds policies apply to your feeds for the duration that they are active in AdSense. Beyond this, general AdSense program policies will continue to apply for your AdSense account.

Can I get an extension?

Unfortunately we cannot grant any extensions, so we’ve given you two month notice to find an alternative monetization solution for your RSS feeds.

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